This is a wiki, so the material you read has been contributed and edited by many people; you will likely find it important to check the history page and the User Talk pages for the listed contributors to properly adjust your confidence factor in the material you find here.

As with most reference works on complicated topics, please remember that this site should not be construed as providing medical, legal, engineering, or any other form of advice the commercial provision of which in your jurisdiction requires licensure. Make sure you understand what you're doing before you do it: if you break something, you get to keep both pieces.

Given that this site talks about getting real-world work done with real-world devices, it is obligatory that we will use trademarked names; we're using them editorially. Any opinions expressed on this site are those of the writer, and should not be construed as anything else. Any negative opinions are just that, opinions, and should not be construed as disparagement or dilution of the trademarked names of any devices or services being discussed.

Lawyers, please note: you work for your clients, they don't work for you.

See also Wikia disclaimers

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